Read All About It: Yes please

Just back from London.
I went to the "Read All About It" Media Conference organised by the CIPR with something of a sinking heart as the early morning session was dedicated to such chestnuts as - Selling-in Your Stories (been there, done that); Writing for the Press (did that for 17 years - literally) etc.
In fact the presenters - Justin Hayward and Annie Noble - were very good and I would recommend them to all people starting out in PR for "learning how to suck eggs".
However, the afternoon sessions was rather more interesting given my penchant for Web 2.0, social media, open source communities, pull-push marketing, blah, blah, blah.
We had Ian McNairn, with the rather grand title of Programme Director, Web, Technology & Design, IBM (and this deserves a separate post - TBC); Jude Habib, former BBC Third Sector Champion (another post to follow on this passionate advocate of pod/video casting); and a panel session with Guy Ruddle, Podcast Editor, Daily Telegraph (blogger agnostic), Katy Howell, the well-worn advocate of blogging and social media and Paul Brannan, Deputy Editor, BBC News Interactive (some fantastic insight).
At the moment I am a bit shell-shocked from the GNER train journey back up T'North but will be posting some stuff about what they had to say and what I agreed with, and violently disagreed with, including the debate about citizen journalists.
Needless to say it was not a wasted journey... more to follow.

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