GREEN win gold hatrick in awards

Congratulations to the GREEN team for their recent success in the annual public relations awards run by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.
Unfortunately I was abroad in the US at BlogWorldExpo doing some networking and research on social media and missed the event at the Queens Hotel in Leeds. I understand the team had a great time and that perhaps some wine was taken. You can make your own decision based on the picture (left to right) Kathy, Leander, Emma, Simon and Liz. Joe is hiding but I think you can see one eye. Anyway, here are the scores on the doors.

Category 1 - Corporate Communications
Gold - Green Communications, Wensleydale Creamery.

Category 2 - Not-for-Profit
Gold – Green, Beat Blue Monday

Category 8 - Low Budget
Gold – Green, Beat Blue Monday

Category 10 - Best Use of Media Relations
Finalist - Green Communications, Beat Blue Monday.

Category 13 - Best Use of New Media
Finalist - Green Communications, Wensleydaleblog.
Finalist - Green Communications, Beat Blue Monday.

Category 14 - Best Use of Photography or Design
Finalist - Green Communications, Wakefield Cultural Partnership.

Category 18 - Best Website
Finalist - Green Communications, Thinking, Doing, Sharing -

Category 22 - Outstanding Public Relations Consultancy
Finalist - Green Communications, Green Communications


HackFlack said...

Have to say, Ian: any plaudits for the Beat Blue Monday campaign are richly deserved. I take it plans are already in place for next year?

HackFlack said...

Have to say: any plaudits for Beat Blue Monday are richly deserved.
I assume plans are in place to top it next year?

Ian Green said...

Hey Hackflack - thanks for that. Yes I believe we will do it next year. Aplogies for the terse reply but I am just back from Las Vegas and completely knackered by blog talk