Measuring social media

Hats off to David Brain at Sixty Second View and Edleman’s attempt to create a Social Media Index that goes beyond the simple measurement of blogs.
David and his team have attempted to take in the spaces that really make social media rock – like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Del.iciu.os. They are making some pretty broad assumptions but given that measuring the influence of social media is a bit like trying to eat soup with a fork – they have done a pretty good job.
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David Brain said...

Cheers Ian . . it's been a busy day mate. I suspect you would have a much higher SMI ranking than just blog ranking due to your facebook and twitter activity.

Ian Green said...

Thanks David,
I think I will always remain a definite C-lister in the SMI ranking. But hey - with Facebook and Twitter the A-Lister is dead. At least that is what Hugh McLeod says...