The Boss: Radio Nowhere

I totally love this. And am just waiting for the UK tour. I am also working out the chord sequence on my gi'tar - E, C, G, D?. Am I sad or what?

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Ian Green said...

Have just been told chord structure is as follows:

Intro/Verses/Main Riff:

F#m - F#m sus 5 - A - E (note: could substitute D for F#m5?)


F#m - F#m sus 5 - A - E (x2)

A - D - F#m - E (x2 or x3, depending if he repeats the last line)

[The third time he plays the chorus, just play the main one 5 times]


Bm - G - E - A (x4, omit the final A in the last one and lead back into the verse)