How do you define your self?

After a day buying some books I've been meaning to get for ages - one a novel, one a memoir, two on history and one on economics (Small is Beautiful by Shumacher) I've been looking at Fuelmyblog and the various categories we have.
They are Entertainment, Arts/Literature, News/Politics, Business/Technology, Personal/Lifestyle and Sports/Leisure.
After some very unscientific analysis - and I suppose that Kevin can give a proper breakdown - this is what the FMB community is blogging about:

1. Personal - 50%
2. Business/Technology - 25%
3. Entertainment - 10%
4. News/Politics - 5%
4. Arts/Literature - 5%
4. Sports/Leisure - 5%

Are we being too narrow in our definitions? Should we have a section on Peruvian Nose Flutes for example? I don't know what do you think?

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