Fuelmyblog rocks!!

We've just re-launched fuelmyblog and I think it rocks! But I would say that given my interest in the venture. What do you think? Add your own blog to see how it fairs in the voting system.
Fuelmyblog was established by Kevin Dixie as a labour of love, which has slowly evolved into a compelling Web2.0 proposition and we are planning to add lots of social media tools over the next couple of months. So keep coming back.
While I have played my part in the development of FMB all the credit for the new website goes to Marcus Dyson and his company eleventeenth which worked on the platform supporting the new site as well as the design. Well done Marcus!
New feature include being able to vote blogs up and down the rankings - votes based on quality rather than tags or links.
Other features will include blogradio interviews with FMB members, vidoes, forums and much much more - all will be on stream in the next couple of months.
What really freaks me out is that we only started talking seriously about this in January and look where we are now. All comments welcome.


Julia O'Brien said...

Very interesting service. Relevancy was, is and will be the next fronteer in web 2.0 and I suspect that parts of fuelmyblog will help. Do you have any french-speaking communities already developped?

Ian Green said...

Hi Julia,

Thanks for the comment. As it happens we have quiet a few French bloggers registered to the site - seek and you will find.
Meanwhile, Kevin is actually based in France at La Rochelle.
We have pondered doing some language based FMBs: French, Spanish, Chinese, Indian etc. So watch this space for further developments.


acwo said...

Your Blog is very interesting, I like it :)
keep it up,

Ian Green said...

Thanks for the visit and I am glad you're intersted in what I have to say. Come again.