Audi has gone awry

I drive an Audi. I’ve been driving an Audi for years. My first Audi was an A3 – very good. With a young family I then moved on to the Audi A4 and later and Audi A4 Avanti estate which I loved but realising I didn’t need all the space went back to an Audi A4.
Big mistake – it now appears.
When I got the car it didn’t seem as responsive as the Avanti. It was sluggish, didn’t react the way the old car did and was basically pants. Eventually, I was told by a nice man from the Automobile Association, after it broke down, that the throttle flap was knackered after one year. Audi replaced it.
But hey – it’s just a car and I am not a petrol head.
However, a week ago the in-car computer told me it needed to go in for a service. And it was sounding a bit ropey. So in it went to the nice people at Audi Wakefield in Yorkshire.
So far so good. When you have an Audi serviced they are very good at updating you on progress and Audi Wakefield have excellent. Here is what followed:

Audi Wakefield: You need new front tyres. Me: Yes. I thought I would. Go ahead with the new tyres.
Audi Wakefield: The fly wheel isn’t working. We need to put a new one in. Me: Yes go ahead and sort it out. I need my car.
Audi Wakefield: We’ve replaced the flywheel but it still not sounding good. We need to look into it further. Me: So when will I get the car back?
Audi Wakefield: We don’t know. We need to look further. Me: Well can I have a courtesy car?
Audi Wakefield: No – we have nothing available for two weeks. Me: Right.

I should point out at this stage that Audi Wakefield have been brilliant throughout. Then…

Me: So what’s happening? Audi Wakefield: We’re stripping down the engine to see what the problem is.

This sound bad to me.

Me: So I won’t get the car back. Audi Wakefield: No. It’s a big job.

Tired of using public transport I am now using a hire car as I have to go to my parents to take my dad into respite care – those of you who follow me know what I am talking about. Anyway the conversation resumes today.

Me: So where are we? Audi Wakefield: [Long silence while service operative goes off to talk to engineer and returns to call three minutes later after me listening to tedious corporate messages from Audi]: The mechanic has found a sheered off bolt and a few other things wrong.
Me: Bloody Hell! What does that mean? Audi Wakefield: We need to look into it further but you might need a new engine.
Me: What? And how much is that going to cost – it’s still under warranty! Audi Wakefield: We don’t know. We’ll be in touch..

I don’t normally blog about personal stuff but this is just too much after being an Audi driver for 10 years. I’m told there is a manufacturing fault but in the meantime I have no car, am paying out for a hire car and have lots of travel to do.
Should I dump Audi in the future? Get a Toyota perhaps? What do you think?


Meet your rugby heroes in Dublin

Welsh rugby fans visiting Dublin to watch Wales battle it out at Croke Park can meet with Jonathan Davies who is heading up a list of rugby legends at a free event at the Arlington Hotel, Dublin, ahead the game on March 13.
Welsh fans will get the chance to question Johathan Davies, Mick Galway and former Ireland captain Ciaran Fitzgerald about their experiences and predictions for the game at a free event held in the heart of Dublin before the RBS Six Nations fixture.
The Arlington Hotel on O’Connell Bridge will turn into the Welsh fans headquarters during the build up to the game at the event which will also include Irish and British Lions legends Mick Galway and Ciaran Fitzgerald.
As well as serious questions, the legends will join in with the banter and discuss some of their other memorable moments on the pitch.
The forum kick’s off from 11:00am on match day, allowing fans enough time to take part in the event well in advance of the kick off time.

The Panel
Jonathan Davies was an inspirational fly-half for Wales in an international career that spanned eleven years either side of his switch to rugby league. Now a BBC commentator, Davies is respected for his technical knowledge of both rugby codes.
Mick Galway was capped 41 times at lock for Ireland and featured amongst the British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand – memorably scoring the winning try in Ireland’s 1993 victory over England.
Hooker Ciaran Fitzgerald captained Ireland to the Five Nations in 1983 and to two other triple crowns as well as featuring for the British Lions.

The Venue The Arlington Hotel is centrally located; a minute’s walk from the famous Temple Bar district where many Irish fans without tickets to the match will be watching the game.
The three star hotel offers traditional Irish hospitality to its guests and visitors to its bar and restaurant.

Full Disclosure: Arlington Hotel is a client of GREENs