PR Students: The Kids Are Alright

Curious! Three phone calls from PR undergraduates, writing their thesis on PR and blogging asking me my views on how blogs and Web2.0 works in the marketing mix (WTFDIK?).
Hard to answer when I haven't posted here for weeks. But what I found comforting - especially as I was judging a student enterprise competition recently - was how keen these young people were. And not just from the point of view of buttering up a prospective employer but because they were genuinely interested in the subject.
So what did they ask?:
Should all companies have a blog?
My Answer: No - depends on the company, product and the people. Blogs don't work for everyone, or every business. But if they have something to say - consistently a blog is good way to communicate it.
Is the press release past it's sell by date?
My Answer: No - but its means of distribution have changed. I'm still not sure about the SMR as most journalist don't know what to do with it.
What do you do if a blogger says bad things about your company?
My Answer: Thank them for the feedback , then add some thoughts to the conversation.
What do you do if a blogger says good things about your company?
My Answer: See above and offer to send them some product.
Should Web2.0 be regulated like newspapers?
My Answer: God No!
Should we forget about print media?
My Answer: No - print (and broadcast) is still king for now. Who reads the Telegraph or the Times online every day? Not me, or my son. He reads the Guardian, then checks stories out on the web.

Not that insightful I know. But at least the kids are asking the right questions. And The Kid Are Alright.