Lost dog on Facebook

As a communications tool social networks never cease to surprise me. With Facebook recently announcing its major game change, which is covered in much better detail here by Neville Hobson, the possibilities for connecting are growing significantly.
Meanwhile, it’s the little things that inspire me and the ingenious ways people are now using it… like looking for a lost dog.
Poor Mr Wilson, a Jack Russell terrier, went missing on September 15, when his owner took him out for a walk. Like any worried dog owner she printed out posters and pinned them up around her village in Lincolnshire.
She also had the inspired idea of setting up a Facebook page for the errant Mr Wilson. The page has already generated many followers and was novel enough to grab the attention of local radio and media generating further coverage of the dog’s plight.
Sadly Mr Wilson has not been found BUT at least people are still talking about him and, as a result, still looking for him.

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