UK sets the pace for Twitter

Just back from a stay with friends in North Yorkshire and slightly distracted by the number of “tweets” I have been getting from Number 10 – the PM, Gordon Brown’s Twitter account.
Also, the BBC Tech Team, The Guardian and other have been twittering too. I love Twitter – but I don’t know why. Admittedly it’s a great way of staying in touching and monitoring what other people are up to … so far so good.
But it looks like Twitter is finally going mainstream and it’s being led by the Brits according to recent stats by Hitwise. "Twitter is more popular with Brits than Americans. Last week the site's share of UK Internet visits was 70% higher its share of visits in America," writes Hitwise's Robin Goad.

"UK Internet visits to have increased by 631% over the last 12 months, with 485% of that growth coming this year."
Down with the yoof, my son uses Twitter as do his friends and the general view on the interweb is that the UK will be the region that will prove the tipping point for the platform.
I’m not convinced as most people I speak to have never heard of it but then they have never heard of blogging, Facebook, MySpace…
Any thoughts people?

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Kevin D said...

I agree with you, most people I speak to haven't yet understood what a blog is!

I think Twitter is a great site, it is also something that will be banned in the workplace I am sure, too many staff texting is not good!