Facebook Chat fuels the conversation

What a great Web2.0 PR job.
1. Launch an instant messaging (IM) service on Facebook
2. Tell no one about.
3. Wait until users log on
4. Sit back and watch the conversation go viral
All Facebook users around the world can now use the social networking site’s integrated IM (instant messaging) chat application, which the site made available without so much as an official announcement.
While Facebook Chat went live in the UK today. The chat function appears as a bar on the bottom of the screen and indicates to users when a friend is online and allows the option of appearing offline if needed.
The chat bar also displays the user’s status message, as well as recently received notifications. Facebook said it is working on integrating other site features into the real-time chat application in the near future.
I think this great as I have always advocated that social network and Web2.0 PR is all about fuelling the conversation. This takes it to the next level.

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