Let's Beat Blue Monday

Right then! Today (Monday, January 21) is the most depressing day of the year. So I suggest you all start making a protest and make it the most wonderful day of the year. In other words blog about what is making you smile.
I, for one, will go into work with a Hiawian shirt and Fez! They always make me feel good about myself.
For a start you can blog about what makes your day - for me I will be in London (after 6.00) so anyone who fancies a beer and curry get in touch with Ian Green ( and we can all meet up for a pigout. Please recommend venues!
By the way please tag your posts with: "beatbluemonday" and let's get people smiling.
What else can you do to Beat Blue Monday? Try these
Try something new

Be creative, or learn something new to get your brain active and start thinking of new things instead of dwelling on the old.
Get physical
By changing your physical state, from a simple shoulder-shake at your desk to a full work-out at the gym, you can change the way you feel.
Contact a friend or relative
Get in touch with someone you have not heard from in a while; thinking of someone else takes your mind off you.
Take a break
Go somewhere different, whether it’s a coffee bar you have never been into, or a faraway luxury holiday; by changing your physical location, you change your perspective on the world.
Be nice to a stranger
Do a random act of kindness; doing good for others is the best form of self-satisfaction.
Help the planet
Be a good ancestor in some way; the planet will be here long after you are gone.
Pamper yourself
Spoil yourself, from a small indulgence to a luxury you have been promising yourself. You can even dye your hair blue to create a stunning eye-catching change.
Plan something new
Whether it’s planning a holiday for later in the year or deciding what to do at the weekend, looking forward to something new or different can be uplifting and refreshing.
Create your own carnival or go to the beach
By turning a bit of your home or office into a carnival or a beach you can pretend your somewhere relaxing and help us create world’s biggest virtual beach party!
Share you thoughts
A problem shared is a problem halved. Visit the Blue Monday blog to see what ideas people have come up with for dealing with life’s little problems.
You can get involved in a range of activities that are taking place across the UK.
Also watch this space - I think we need to have an online party tomorrow - check out the blog at... BeatBlueMonday.

1 comment:

nursemyra said...

living in australia I don't think this date qualifies as the most depressing day of the year. it's summer here right now....

did you know it's also international hugging day?

I've been up close and personal with way too many of the patients today