Where do the over-50s go to network?

Over at GREEN on behalf of a client we are looking at how we can use social networks to bring together men in the over-50s demographic and to be honest we are struggling.
The obvious starting place was Facebook and I’ve even asked the question on my Facebook account on where to find the over-50 users. But the answers so far have been of little help.
Clearly there are Baby Boomers on Facebook – thank you Neville for your observations – but they are very difficult to access as you can’t search Facebook by age, at least not so far as I can see.
There are some dedicated Boomer social networks like Eons – but they are largely US-centric. Saga has a social network in the UK but it is a bit clunky and when you look into it appears to be a dating agency for wrinklies.
I can’t find anywhere where there is a serious debate addressing the issues surrounding men’s health – possibly because men don’t like discussing their health. However, it does seem to me there is a gap in the market here – particularly in the UK.
Any thoughts and advice are welcome.


...the world's leading... said...

Ian - how funny!

Lisa said...

You would have had an over 50 female at the opencoffee event last week if I'd got my act together! Hope to be at the September ones. There are some oldies on facebook.

Tom Johnston said...

A dating agency for wrinklies! Aged 50 onwards as wrinklies.... Oh Ian!

Ian Green said...

Hey Tom - I'm not being prejudiced. I am after all married to a woman who has just turned 50 and remains as bendy as ever!

PRandCommsNetwork said...

I had a long conversation about this with soemone just recently, and was totally at a loss! Anyone given you any decent ideas yet?

Ian Green said...

Hi PR&Comms,

No nothing yet of any substance which looks at the bigger issues surrounding silver surfers. Lot of dating and swinger sites out there but we are seeking a community to discuss the issues surrounding men's health.
If you come across anything let us know - Google searches have proved fruitless so far.


Sally Falkow said...

I agree it is not easy to find social networks for the over 50s. One new online resource for mens health is Feel Good for Life